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Ocean Sunset Part II
South Beach, Edgartown
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Martha's Vineyard Seascapes

Gregory Carter has been involved with professional photography since the spring of 2006. Born on Marthaís Vineyard, Massachusetts, Mr. Carter is well versed in taking photos of phenomenal landscapes and seascapes. Currently located out of South Burlington, Vermont, the major focus of Mr. Carterís photography has been at various locations within Vermont as well as from his birthplace, Marthaís Vineyard. Also included in his more recent photography repertoire are photos taken from a cross country road trip during August of 2007, focusing largely on the landscapes and attractions of the South West and Central Mountain regions of the United States.

Captive Light Photography was created in September of 2007 to showcase Gregory Carterís professional photography to the general public. Please feel free to browse through his Photo Gallery, and email any questions regarding his photography or individual sales directly to Mr. Carter at:

Rustic Reflections
Lake Mansfield, Stowe, Vermont
Vermont Landscapes

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